Hey friends the Control team's latest launch is listed on Product Hunt today and we would ❤️ your support !
Go to , search “Control Stripe PayPal”, and show us some love !
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Satish KanwarCongrats! Would be cool to see Shopify data make that list.

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Satish Kanwar

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The Creative Destruction Lab has become one of the most successful accelerators in Canada in a short period of time - super-excited to see the program expand west in partnership with UBC. ... See MoreSee Less

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Ali Nawabthis is awesome, the CDL helped us a lot

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Ali Nawab

Daniel DebowGreat news

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Daniel Debow

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Speaking at NACO (National Angel Summit) nxt wk w Globe & Mail on creating a culture of risk and success in Canada.

The Canadian brand & culture is generally perceived as being about modesty & politeness. This is often cited by investors and entrepreneurs as a leading cause for why we don't realize our fullest potential when competing globally.

So my questions are:
- is this even accurate? how risk-averse are we really? or do you see something else @ play here?
- how we can overcome issues that limit the growth of Canada's startup ecosystem?
- what we can do to get our investors & founders to be bolder, to take bigger moonshot risks & to celebrate their success?

Thanks a mill, Startup North peeps - look forward to hearing your voices & sharing with the Summit!
cc Michael Daniel Marcus Boris
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Varun MathurSorry to answer a question with a question, but I think the answer lies in what is the state of pre-seed investing in Canada - when its just the team+market opportunity ? Which first-time entrepreneur here has raised $500k-$1M at that stage without a product and without traction ? Who are the investors willing to write those kind of checks ? If bulk of the investment activity is in stages where some risk has been managed -- eg seed -- "show me traction and evidence of PM/fit", then that is increasingly coming down from a moonshot to a specific, niche market. Anecdotal experience: First startup I did here in Toronto wanted to make a "web operating system" which would provide a unified set of UI components and back-end services like single-sign on to develop their web apps. Idea was to provide web-based tools to enable anybody (including non-developers) to build their own apps quickly enough; along with a custom markup language. That was in 2005 - way before Facebook Platform, Facebook connect, fbml, etc; that was our moonshot. The team included folks with extensive s/w and CS background, including a programmer who was ranked amongst the top 50 in the world. Yet - we didn't believe it was feasible to execute on that in Toronto as it was too big of an idea and a...moonshot. Our idea eventually got boiled down into making a web-based RSS feed reader using the Javascript library we had developed. We wasted our time and opportunity in life executing on that. We pivoted for the heck of it. We would have been better off executing on the bigger idea. Only if I had known of a local investor writing pre-seed checks at the founder/market opportunity level for moonshots.. If I ever crack it big and have the ability to write $500k-$1M checks, first and foremost thing I would promote is the belief that "yes, you can..Dream big and yes, it can be supported here". Its not the founders who are not thinking big enough.. but again, just my anecdotal experience on my startup #1 here in Toronto.

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Varun Mathur

Boris MannMeredith J Powell I believe pre-seed / pre-A and lack of risk taking angels is the biggest issue, which is why I work on Open Angel Canada. Yes, our founder entrepreneurs need to think big. But, the best of them that do get sucked directly into top tier US programs.

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Boris Mann

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