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When you're trying to grow a startup, it's easy to forget customers are people and not clicks. Sometimes it's worth trying to spark growth in-person, instead of through fb / ad-words.

At Fiix, we dressed up like Santa, went to Union Station and handed out $20.00 gift cards - people LOVED it and we were able to give out 100 before getting kicked out of the station.

I don't have results just yet, because our cycle is a little slower than normal (need to wait for something to go wrong with your car).

If you want to see how this plays out, you can follow me on snapchat @ kmx411. I'm always snapping sweet growth hacks, and the day-to-day life at Fiix.
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Jeff Goldenberggreat stuff. this is not optional people. 50/50 rule when youre launching - half the time on product development and half on customer development. this separates the winners from the losers. Great inspiration Khallil Mangalji

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Jeff Goldenberg

Varun MathurKhallil - love your enthusiasm and I tried using Fiix already however I think "growth hack" is too sacred a term. This is a clever marketing activity - but not connected to growth and is neither a growth hack. This is a paid user acquisition activity. People like free stuff. Can a pizza store owner hand out gift cards (which someone has to pay for at the end of the day), and call it a "growth hack" as well if a few of those cards get redeemed ? A growth hack for at-home auto maintenance is yet to be figured out...I am afraid this is not it but if I think of something I will let you know. Good luck with your efforts!

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Varun Mathur

Sunil Sharma#hustle

1 day ago
Sunil Sharma

Jameel SomjiπŸ‘ŒπŸ½

18 hours ago
Jameel Somji

Jason MorehouseRather awkward to dress your marketing campaign as a Christmas gift and random act of kindness. Give to the people that are really in need. "Do you have a car?" #cringe

2 hours ago
Jason Morehouse

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Anyone have a good accountant in Vancouver to recommend? Thinking about moving our books over to Deloitte who handles our SR&ED but not sure if they are economically friendly for a startup of our size. Anyone have experience with this? Would like to work with a firm that understands funded startups and reporting requirements to investors, with cross border experience, and a firm we can grow with. ... See MoreSee Less

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Erin GrahamWe have a team called Emerging Company Services at PwC. Built for start-ups. Great team in Van.

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Jerome NgWe're using SmytheCPA . Msg me and I can intro.

2 days ago

Melissa KwanDM both

2 days ago
Melissa Kwan

Ryan LazanisHi Melissa. Check us out (www.xenaccounting). We're a cloud based accounting firm who's purpose is to deliver easy, automated & paperless online accounting services for a focus on funded tech startups (SaaS, marketplace, etc). Message me of you have any questions!

1 day ago
Ryan Lazanis

Steve LionaisWe've been using for the past 3 years. They have an in house sred team who've successfully handled our claims as well as our accounting needs.

1 day ago
Steve Lionais

Tea NicolaWe use 2 sole proprietors for SRED and reporting and a firm only for taxes and audited financial statements. SRED is % of claim and CFO is hourly. I love them both, easy to deal with, very little overhead and cost effective.

1 day ago
Tea Nicola

Meng ShangMNP is awsome

3 hours ago
Meng Shang

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