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I'm sick and it's way too cold outside to go the pharmacy. So I am just gonna sit at home and wait for pilly to deliver my meds. Amazing service, pharmacists called me pretty quickly after I sent it in my prescription.
Check it out.
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Hello Toronto! Get your prescriptions the uber way! Except its free same-day delivery always.

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Max MaterneAnother company doing this is PopRx which started in Winnipeg

3 hours ago
Max Materne

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ASK: I'm rebuilding our employee onboarding process and creating an employee handbook. My goal is to make this as far from the typical Corporate HR handbook as possible and certainly never want to include the word 'policy' in it's content. I was wondering if anyone has anything they would be willing to share? I would also be willing to share with anyone who wants to see my final product in a few weeks. ... See MoreSee Less

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Stephen LakeBest one I've ever seen was at Sonos. Not sure if it's available online however.

6 hours ago   ·  1

Michael HofwellerThoughtbot:

6 hours ago   ·  2

Michael HofwellerWe're building a guide at OK GROW! now Craig Morantz. Would be cool to see what you do with the final product and trade notes on what we're up to as well.

6 hours ago   ·  2
Michael Hofweller

Marie ChevrierI'll send you mine too!

5 hours ago
Marie Chevrier

Duncan SoPam Ross does some fantastic work in the Future of Work space, I'm sure lots to share with you and add to the Culture Collaboratory

2 hours ago
Duncan So

Claude G. Théoretthis is something we need as well

59 minutes ago
Claude G. Théoret

Alex LamWould love to see what you make!

32 minutes ago
Alex Lam

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I'm curious those companies here that do remote dev / design work for clients in the U.S., have you experienced more interest from prospective clients south of the border thanks to the weak Canadian dollar?

Reason why I'm asking is because I'm now exploring different client acquisition strategies and I believe the difference in exchange rate should favourably position our services to American clients.

We at Crowdlinker have recently shifted focus to taking on service work after 3 years of designing and developing various SaaS / web applications. I'm hopeful that our already competitive rate will further entice prospective clients south of the border and here in Canada.

I was researching salaries on Glassdoor and an average salary for a web developer in San Fransisco is US$85K vs. US$40K (C$55K) in Toronto. That's a significant difference. American companies open to the idea of working with remote developers in Canada stand to benefit in the current economic climate IMO.

If you don't mind sharing, which methods have worked for you in attracting clients from the U.S. other than word of mouth? Thanks.
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Vlad RascanuAll my US clients have been referrals but I do have a client that's aggressively going after US clients now with Adwords and LinkedIn campaigns specifically focusing on the 30-40% discount that US clients get from working with Canadian agencies. So far so good. One thing I should mention though. There's no good developer you can get for under $90,000 in Toronto. You can find a developer at 55k alright, but he won't be any good; unless you find a diamond in the rough. Those are very rare to come by.

2 hours ago
Vlad Rascanu

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We need this for Canada. ... See MoreSee Less

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Lee DaleVice, the most well-funded Montreal startup in NYC.

3 days ago   ·  10

Ben ZifkinPretty sure that, if it was accurate, Uber would be the biggest startup out of Deleware and there would be no other startups in any other state.

3 days ago   ·  11

Reuven CohenWell.. Where you're incorporated and where you operate are two separate things

3 days ago   ·  1

Val BercoviciSad to say that's never going to happen. Culture up north just too different (for better and worse) than down south. Based on where we both now live, you know what I mean 😉

3 days ago

Walid ArkSince we have (11+3) provinces, should be easy :D

3 days ago   ·  1
Walid Ark

Matthew SlutskyInteresting that I haven't heard of most of those startups.

3 days ago

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Matthew Slutsky

Jonas BrandonInteresting that a number of those startups were founded by (e.g. Uber, Vice) / funded by (e.g. C2FO) Canadians... says the border-blind American Canadian (Amadian? Camerican?).

12 hours ago   ·  2
Jonas Brandon

Dan created a map a couple years ago, may have an updated one

10 hours ago   ·  1
Dan Martell

Mark EvansSounds like a job for the CVCA.

6 hours ago
Mark Evans

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