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Meet and greet with Tilt's CEO (YC 12)

October 1, 2016, 12:00pm

Quantum Coffee

James Beshara (Tilt's CEO) is in Toronto for a few days and would love to chat about: - fundraising in the Valley - hiring top talent - building an international company - building a kickass college/uni ambassador program - any feedback you have for Tilt Nothing formal, he will be hanging out in Quantum Coffee wearing his uniform (Black Tilt Patagonia) and he's quite tall, you can't miss him. RSVP or just swing by.

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I need to set up an Employee Stock Option Plan and need tax advice about selling stock into this. Recommendations for an advisor?

Thanks, Martin.
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Mark EvansAsk Greg Silas at Dover Consulting [email protected]

1 day ago   ·  1
Mark Evans

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The Spotlight Awards last night was a tremendous event. Perfect in so many ways, starting with the Who’s Who list of attendees. The food was awesome… the drinks, the view, the inimitable Michele Romanow as MC… easily the best event of the year. Razor & Kari, please never sell that place, and host this every year forever. You are the best hosts.

I love that the proceeds are going to The Next 36: Canada’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Initiative.

I didn’t attend the afterparty at Candyland Toronto, so I don’t really know, but if I had one bit of feedback, it is that another venue might be more welcoming to women in tech. I think it is a burlesque show?
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Craig HunterAwesome, awesome night. 🏆 Gotta' agree on the changing the venue for next year.

2 weeks ago   ·  3

Janelle HindsCongrats on being a BetaKit Next awardee. Glad to see the proceeds going to Next Canada ( Man it's gonna be hard not to call it Next 36 anymore)

2 weeks ago   ·  3

Heather Anne CarsonJohn, love your suggestion re venue change. Not overly appropriate. (I also heard the same sentiment from a handful of male founders and it's been super refreshing to hear.) But most important -- congrats!

2 weeks ago   ·  16

Corey Herscuit wasn't the venue, it's that i wasn't in attendace

2 weeks ago

Varun MathurJohn Philip Green - I am sure most startup founders are very committed, but I must say, you are the most committed one I have seen online -- you live and breathe CareGuide 24x7 and are relentless in promoting it, directly or subconsciously planting it in our minds. I think it is a fantastic lesson to all other entrepreneurs out there --- running a startup is not a part-time endeavour, but one with which you must commit with your heart and soul. That is going to be the difference between startups which had a great start and everybody celebrated vs the ones which finish successfully few years from now - and CareGuide might become a force of nature with your passion. I look forward to reading about you on the cover of Macleans someday! :)

2 weeks ago   ·  5

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Varun Mathur

Ken SetoI don't know much about the venue, that was my first time there.. but the burlesque show was pretty tasteful.. it was cheeky and entertaining (some great gymnastic talent showed) but not lewd. I've been to the burlesque festival they have in Toronto every year(?) at Mod Club and the audience is usually 60% or more women. I'm not sure you can paint that broadly and assume that burlesque is not inclusive. The venue is a different matter of course..

2 weeks ago   ·  3

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Ken Seto

Douglas SoltysWhile we're talking about last night, I just want to second that Razor Suleman and Kari Suleman are freaking incredible hosts. Also, they have that magical host power where they only throw parties during great weather.

2 weeks ago   ·  8

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Douglas Soltys

Albert LaiSuper sad to have missed it being out of town. Amazing to see the support and a fantastic job again Razor Suleman who has been relentlessly supporting the community and everywhere!

2 weeks ago   ·  2
Albert Lai

Oksana SalamaszekDid anybody read this? Surprised no one posted this.

1 hour ago
Oksana Salamaszek

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