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Mykyta PonomarenkoI used to really look up to this guy. But after suing Gawker into bankruptcy and now supporting Donald Trump. It seems like he doesn't understand why business and government should be separate entities. I hope he doesn't continue down this path, he used to be my favourite libertarian. Now he just seems like a political force in the far right.

14 hours ago
Mykyta Ponomarenko

Alastair JarvisThis is useful background on what might motivate Thiel to see this as remotely a good move. For me, he ended up playing the role of a clown in what turned out to be a rather obscene circus. Happy to talk at greater lengths over drinks.

14 hours ago   ·  2
Alastair Jarvis

Mark FromsonHe just wanted to come out to the world on national television. Why? Simple. He's a narcissist. There's no shortage of billionaires that have this issue.

13 hours ago   ·  1
Mark Fromson

Tian-Yuan ZhaoI legit thought he was gonna troll everyone there and be the saving grace of the RNC and this entire election by denouncing Trump instead in the best way possible (for the good of humanity). However his speech was simply a shock, in both a good and bad way. Still scratching my head why a guy like him would support a guy like Drumpf

8 hours ago

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Tian-Yuan Zhao

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Just curious, when is WeWork coming to Toronto? Have they launched yet? ... See MoreSee Less

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Tian-Yuan ZhaoAnyone?

6 days ago

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Elena Yunusovhaven't launched yet, last time i heard they were aiming for this fall

6 days ago

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Varun MathurHow about Breather instead ? Co-founded in Montreal and available in Toronto. I think it is one of the most fantastic startup growth stories with Canadian roots:

6 days ago   ·  2

Tian-Yuan ZhaoOh I'm definitely familiar with them but I was simply wondering is all.

6 days ago

Oksana SalamaszekAlready here, supposed to be launching in the next few months

6 days ago   ·  1
Oksana Salamaszek

Sameer NooraniFrom what someone told me (I haven't confirmed it myself), it's launching in November, by the 500px offices and its an 8 story building.

1 day ago
Sameer Noorani

Madhu ChamartyTian-Yuan Zhao Kyle Pinto Speaking of alternatives, Project Spaces is awesome, and Jeffrey Howard is a fantastic individual. Just sharing in case there is general interest :)

21 hours ago   ·  4

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Madhu Chamarty

Tian-Yuan ZhaoYeah I'm fully aware of Project Spaces. I was just specifically wondering about WeWork. Thanks all!

21 hours ago
Tian-Yuan Zhao

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