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J2Play Acquired by Electronic Arts

J2PlayThat was fast! Earlier today Electronic Arts announced the acquisition of J2Play in their latest quarterly report. Congratulations to Rob and the entire J2Play team!

Waterloo based J2Play was founded by Rob Balahura in 2006 to create the world’s first mobile multiplayer game and SDK. The product that ultimately emerged was a “social wrapper” for online games, the first incarnation, a Facebook App that enabled games to be embedded within the social network and extended with chat and leaderboards.

While the J2Play powered games themselves garnered limited user interest, Facebook having reined in on Apps in a catastrophic way for most, the team was hard at work establishing relationships with industry leaders who wanted in on some social network pixie dust.

extremevpJ2Play was funded by Toronto’s Extreme Venture Partners. Running with the new fund was a smart move on Balahura’s part, they were instrumental in getting the company in front of fbFund and helping secure an additional $250,000 in follow on grant funding. Worth note, ExtremeVP has also since been able to secure follow on funding for Kontagent.

The terms of the acquisition were not released, but ExtremeVP’s LPs have to be pleased. This early exit bodes very well and has demonstrated some savvy investing by partners, Amar Varma and Sundeep Madra.