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StartupEmpire: Somebody will get funded!

One thing we wanted to be sure of at StatupEmpire is that there would be a chance for investment-ready startups to meet the right people.

Are you coming to StartupEmpire? Do you have a mobile startup or an idea for a mobile startup? Do you have Blackberry development somewhere on your roadmap?

We have a huge opportunity that I am really proud to be able to talk about.

We have been working with the Blackberry Partners Fund to see as much as $500,000 get invested in to up to 5 mobile startups during the conference.

Are you thinking about developing a mobile product or application? Are you coming to StartupEmpire? Fill out this form and you might just walk away with a term sheet! These are simple convertible debt deals that will help you get up and running.

Submit your idea or startup here!

I would like to thank our Leadership sponsors, Microsoft and HighRoad Communications.

We are also pleased to announce our champion sponsors,

Ontario Centers of Excellence, Gowlings
and JLA Ventures.

Visit for more information on the conference and to register.

  1. JLA Ventures is missing a .com in the link, though I’m sure the readers here are smart enough to figure it out :)

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