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Zoomii – Book Browsing

Chris Thiessen just launched Zoomii, a new site for browsing best selling books available on Amazon. Chris has been building Zoomii for 16 months and he did it all with his own two hands. Quite a long haul working alone, so he must be feeling great to put it out there and get some feedback. Here is Chris on what inspired Zoomii and how he got it done:

“Because I love bookstores. Spending afternoons wandering the shelves. Happening across great books I didn’t even know existed. But it’s an experience I never found online. Online bookstores are wonderful. They’ve got amazing prices, huge selections, and they’re open all the time. If you know exactly what you want, they’re perfect. But somehow I kept coming back to the bookstore just to browse. Zoomii is my attempt to bring online as much of the real bookstore experience as possible.”

Will a new map like interface be enough to draw visitors who will then click through and make purchases on Amazon? That is the bet. No doubt, nice businesses can be built leveraging affiliate programs like Amazon Associates. Check out Zoomii and let us know in the comments if you came across any books worth buying while browsing the shelves.

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