Dear Startup North,

I recently spent 10 days in the Valley for this thing called the Hive Fellowship ( I was also able to attend SF's Newco Festival, visited HQ's of Airbnb, Uber, and LinkedIn, and as much as 10 days isn't much - I think I got a pretty good feel of the city.

But, I must say - without exaggerating too much, I appreciate our startup/tech community so much here. For one - Toronto's a much cleaner city than SF, haha! Second - just loving the fact that our political climate is so much better than their's right now. Thirdly - I think we're a bit more down-to-earth than they are. Overall though - I of course can't compare too much since I wasn't there for too long and have never worked there and still definitely had a great time there... I still do however want to just say:

Loving what we have here as well, proud of our community, and would just like to extend well wishes to everyone hustling here!
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Alex SirotaDown to earth... What do you mean exactly?

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