Hey Toronto, we are helping organize #LinkedGin tomorrow- June 1st- its an innovator networking series that has been in Boston, NYC, & Chicago. It starts at 6pm tomorrow at King Rustic - invite your networks and see you all soon ... See MoreSee Less

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Varun Mathurisn't this stuff for meetup ?

8 hours ago

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Varun Mathur

Kevin OuldsSheetal Jaitly that's my hood, I'll see you there.

8 hours ago   ·  1
Kevin Oulds

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Hi Everyone - I am hoping to get some feedback on founders’ experience with IRAP. Specifically:

1. What is the likelihood of being approved for IRAP funding? Obviously this is dependent on the project being applied for, but a general sense of the probability would be helpful.

2. What is the typical timeline for having a project approved?

3. Has anyone been approved for IRAP prior to hiring the employees who will complete the project? Ie. Find appropriate technical employees > Apply for IRAP > IRAP approval > hire employees and begin project.

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Michael KravshikJeremy Weisz I went through the whole IRAP process at my last company. Send me a PM and we can chat over the phone if you like.

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Michael Kravshik

Khazret SapenovThey require you to be an existing profitable business with several employees on payroll already, so your proposed scenario has low chances. There is no visibility in decision making process and what companies get IRAP funding, thus creating lots of opportunities for corruption.

22 hours ago
Khazret Sapenov

Peter BaileyHI Jeremy, Flow has done numerous IRAP claims - both large and small- I am happy to have a quick chat about the process etc. -there are also a lot of other government programs out there that may be a better fit for your circumstances.

21 hours ago
Peter Bailey

Reuven CohenWe used IRAP back in the day (2004-2010). Your manager (probably not the right title) makes a big difference in the success of your various funding applications.

10 hours ago
Reuven Cohen

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Hi everyone. We're (A Thinking Ape) moving into a massive premium office space in downtown Vancouver (coal harbor). It's a 15k sq. ft space with a private patio, and we have around 15-20 desks available to rent.

Address is: 200 - 1132 Alberni St., Vancouver

We're looking to share the space with a cool startup (we're about 70 people and growing).

The cost is as follows (unfortunately not negotiable since it's less than cost):
- $620/desk + proportional costs (i.e. proportionally split internet, cleaning, etc)
- prepay for the month + security deposit
- no contractual commitments (you can leave any time without notice since it's prepay, however it'd be great if you give us a heads up)
- desks included
- chairs not

Please ping me for more information if you're interested.
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Wilkins ChungSmall number of individual desks also available.

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Wilkins Chung

Leigh HimelMan Vancouver is expensive!!!!

8 hours ago

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Leigh Himel

Boris MannOne more (awesome) startup leaves the Gastown nest! Put me on the office warming guest list!

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Boris Mann

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Anthony Reinhart shared Communitech's Paul Singh's unexpected advice to entrepreneurs to the group: StartupNorth.

More wisdom from Paul Singh's visit to Waterloo Region last week.
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We got Paul Singh in front of the Communitech News camera during his visit last week, and well, his advice was a little unexpected. What are your thoughts?

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Jake Anthony Hishon#buildyourdream

1 day ago
Jake Anthony Hishon

Kris GermannThe trailer is much better in person, kinda want one!

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Kris Germann

Charles MireLOVE that advice!

1 day ago
Charles Mire

Mukul SethLove it!

22 hours ago
Mukul Seth

Christopher PyperWow, that really resonated with me. I live the lean life so I can be an entrepreneur. Also, I really like Airstream trailers. Must have beer with this dude.

22 hours ago
Christopher Pyper

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