This group is full of amazing entrepreneurs, and we would absolutely love to hear what you think is the BEST part of running your own business/startup!

Feedback/comments on our YouTube show also really appreciated!
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Running your own business is one of the most powerful, freeing feelings. Creative control, ability to innovate, and empower others top the list for the Danie...

Hey guys, we're looking to build dashboards (graphs, meters, grids/lists) atop Angular's mobile framework and I'm looking for a UI component library that will work seamlessly (ish) with this technology. Any ideas/recommendations?

Thanks in advance!
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Robert Lendvai shared Jeep's video to the group: StartupNorth.

Exciting to see flixels in Super Bowl TV commercials this year. Can you find all of them in this beautiful Jeep ad? Yet another sign that cinemagraphs have taken their place alongside photography and video as something you'll see everywhere in 2016.
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We don’t make Jeep®. You do. Share how with #MyJeepStory #SB50

30 Jobs posted week ending Feb 7, 2016
Two (2) featured jobs posted:
* Angular JS Front-End Software Developer, Platterz
* Senior Back-End Developer, Aspire Financial Technologies

Whether it is good or bad, there were 44 applications to these 30 jobs (vs 70 from the previous week). That is a 30% increase in the number of jobs posted, and a 38% decrease in the number of applicants. There were a lot of "bulk postings" from 2 groups that may reduce the fit between this audience and the posted jobs.

Full list of jobs available at

Upcoming Events
Mon, Feb 8 happening tonight TechToronto Meetup + Afterparty (February 2016)

Tues, Feb 9
* Hack and Tell Lighthouse Labs Toronto
* MARKET, Pivotal Labs

Sat, Feb 20
* PodCamp Toronto

Mon, Feb 29
* The Marketing Leap hosted by FunnelCake

Mar 2-3
* Dx3 Canada

Apr 15-16
* Embrace UX in the Hammer

May 12
* Tech Leadership Conference, Communitech

Bored, Go Read These
This is how you raise a Seed Round in 2016 by Philipp Moehring #mustread

How Do You Know If You've Achieved Product/Market Fit by Sachin Rekhi

Why is every VC suddenly obsessed with content marketing by Jay Acunzo

Fund Level vs Deal by Deal Carry (aka how VCs are comp'd) by Fred Wilson

The state of VC in 2016: "no longer growth at all costs" (aka RIP Good Times 2016 edition) by Mark Suster

Fun(ding) News
Montreal-based Blockstream raised a $55MM Series A.
Waterloo-based eSentire raised $19.5MM
Sesame Street is an LP a $10MM edtech fund managed by Collaborative Fund
Vancouver-based Paysavvy is now called Rise
KW-based Pout acquired by KW Everalbum
Toronto-based startup CareGuide invests in Moncton-based Qimple
Upsight acquires Fuse Powered Inc.

Party on Wayne.

Disclosure: The FunnelCake team comp'd my ticket for The Marketing Leap.
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Lyon LeeAwesome -- keep it up!

14 hours ago
Lyon Lee

Kamil RextinI'd add this to the reading/watching section under Fred Wilson

13 hours ago
Kamil Rextin

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A Silicon Valley Series A investment team will be up in Vancouver next week. Who should they meet that is within 6 months of potentially raising? Please DM me or post here. I will try and make as many intros as possible. ... See MoreSee Less

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Gerrit De Vynckplease post here thank u

3 days ago

Boris MannI can share a list I helped curate for BC TECH Summit. But gotta say Series A ready companies are relatively thin on the ground.

3 days ago   ·  2

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Boris Mann

Adarsh PallianI'd be interested - not raising Series A yet, but would be good to connect.

3 days ago
Adarsh Pallian

Tom WilliamsAdarsh already on my list

3 days ago   ·  1
Tom Williams

Michael MahonWould be nice to know which VC firm... really helps when considering who to suggest, as they all have different areas of focus, etc. No need for secrecy, the minute they land and start meeting it will be known to all!

1 day ago   ·  1
Michael Mahon

Tom WilliamsMichael. They are mobile-focused including software-enabled hardware. The reason I'm not mentioning by name is to avoid the entrepreneurial hustle of "hey, I here you're in town" type emails.

1 day ago
Tom Williams

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I have some time next week with Navdeep Bains (Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development) next week (and I am sure others in this group do or have as well as he makes the rounds...)

I'd like to help represent the voice of this community. What issues should we be putting at the top of the priority list to help grow and mature the startup community in Canada?
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Scott BrooksInnovation is happening all over Canada and it doesn't have to be tied to a particular geographic region. In fact by ensuring that it has the ability to flourish all over Canada ensures we can be an innovative country not just a country with innovative regions.

5 days ago   ·  6

Rena WangThis is probably not an issue that comes to top of mind, but how do we align our education system to get more diversity (read: young girls) into STEM fields, so that in the next 5-20 years, we have a larger pool of talented young people to hire.

5 days ago   ·  4

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Lyndon JohnsonSome dedicated programs for non-tech startups would be great Jevon MacDonald

5 days ago   ·  3

Maggie FoxNavdeep is awesome - we were on a board together and he's just a great human. Please say "Hi" for me. My suggestion: if we are serious about getting more women into STEM, events like Maker Faire are some of the best and most diverse I've ever seen. When you invite families to mess around with technology, everyone joins in without bias. How can we deliberately explore different ways to expose more kids to tech, so they have the chance to feel that spark of discovery and possibility?

5 days ago   ·  9

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Kevin BrowneIncreased Canada-wide expectations and support for computer science and STEM education. Ideally with particular focus on low-income family students and women. Right now things are happening at the municipal and provincial levels, but we need leadership from the federal level.

5 days ago   ·  3

Jesse RodgersI think the focus should be on the things that advance our country and will enable companies to flourish but they should shy away from direct support of startups unless there are obvious market failures. For Canada given its size and distribution more should be done on transportation, energy, education, and communications. Specifically on education I actually think a STEM focus would not be ideal. We really need to teach kids how to learn and adapt to the world in front of them. Breaking the silos between Arts (using technology and studying how humans use technology) and Science (building technology and applying technology to defined problems) would be a huge win.

5 days ago   ·  7

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Christopher PyperAsk him about the TPP. Lot’s of smart people are opposed to what it could do to the innovation economy of this country.

5 days ago   ·  2

Stuart MacDonaldWe need to get more CANADIAN tech voices into policy discussions and at the table with Government. What little consultation the Feds do with the Digital sector is mostly with reps from large multinationals with their own agendas. There's little cross pollination with other voices. Compare that to the US where the big players are in CONSTANT contact with US policy makers and are often times embedded within the administration e.g. the husband of a former colleague went from MSFT to be the CIO of the US Federal Government in an executive level post in the White House.

5 days ago   ·  7

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Jesse RodgersInteresting research on transportation and how VCs do help:

4 days ago   ·  2

Will PateSpeed goals: Fastest high-speed rail in the world Waterloo/Toronto/Montreal, fastest fiber internet in the world (at least in urban centers), first country to be 5G (at least in urban centers)

4 days ago   ·  7
Will Pate

Sandy WardOne important thing IMHO, currently innovation is only associated with STEM. But in the coming decades, Psychology, Sociology, Finance, Design, etc skills will be needed in conjunction with STEM. I feel, to really advance innovation it can't be 'one or the other' but 'how do we get more view points on the same problem'. This usually leads to the best solutions. A second point, from a big gov't point of view, if they are funding ideas, they could encourage groups to work together instead of against each other. Currently, across all disciples two company working together get less monetary support than a single company.

13 hours ago
Sandy Ward

Sandy WardGood luck in the meeting Jevon MacDonald.

13 hours ago
Sandy Ward

John Philip Green- What's our plan to have the fastest free internet access in the world? - What do other universities need to build co-op programs to rival Waterloo? - What is the plan to make SR&ED better? - High speed rail Toronto-Waterloo? - Can you just let Uber operate so our cities don't make Canadians look like Luddites? - We need relaxed crowd funding laws. Can you make Angel List Syndicates possible, please?

12 hours ago   ·  1
John Philip Green

Amanda Parker1. Since startups don't have the scale to meet the extensive paper-work requirements setup by the CIC (such as the LMIA or PNP sponsorship), startups cease to be an option for newly graduated international students who are looking to immigrate to Canada. - Many talented, Canadian educated international students are leaving the country (leaving their jobs and costing us tax dollars) due to the stringent and unclear processes involved in immigration - Evaluation of potential immigrants is important but it shouldn't make Canada as an unattractive place to immigrate to, just because the process is difficult and lengthy 2. + 1 for SR&ED improvements. It could be interesting to see grants in place to encourage organizations to purchase startup technology and give us a seat at the procurement table in larger organizations.

11 hours ago
Amanda Parker

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