Hi all, we're recording a very special edition podcast on startups and mental health tomorrow as part of CMHA Mental Health Week next week. We have one spot still left open and are looking for a founder willing to speak about the internal struggle that can accompany and burden building a business, as well as the needs of all founders to look after the mental needs of their employees.

This is a topic close to my heart (and head). Hit me with a message if you can be downtown Toronto tomorrow afternoon as part of a dope pod crew.
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Ryan Shupaki'm in - cofounder of Jiffy

18 hours ago   ·  1

Mudit Singh RawatIf you still need someone, I'll be happy to contribute. This has been something I've been thinking about a lot lately.

18 hours ago   ·  1

Douglas SoltysOh this is amazing guys!

18 hours ago

Douglas SoltysMudit Singh Rawat I'll send you an email to see if time works. Ryan Shupak hit me with your email and I'll do the same.

18 hours ago

Douglas SoltysIf anyone else is interested in participating in this stuff, please reach out. We're also looking to do a Twitter chat next Thursday. would be great to have a lot of voices involved.

17 hours ago

Janelle HindsI work at CAMH, and have founded a startup in the past. Would love to take part in this

17 hours ago   ·  1

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Janelle Hinds

Rob KenediSo important!! A must listen when it's baked.

14 hours ago
Rob Kenedi

Elena BeveridgeI'm on the young professionals board with CAMH and have my own experience with this as a budding entrepreneur. Happy to help you however I can.

11 hours ago   ·  1
Elena Beveridge

Douglas SoltysHi everyone, totally overwhelmed by the number of public and private messages being sent my way with offers to participate and share personal stories. This is great. I think we're good for tomorrow's podcast recording, but I'm going to reach out to everyone individually to see if there's more that we can do. This isn't just a one-off for us.

11 hours ago   ·  1

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Douglas Soltys

Chakameh ShafiiThis is so wonderful Douglas Soltys, startups are clearly concerned about mental health and wanna talk about it :)!

1 hour ago
Chakameh Shafii

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