Thanks to Roger Chabra and Katherine Hague for inspiration ! Erin Bury and I will be launching Ask A Marketer series on BetaKit . If you have any marketing , branding or growth questions, please email them to [email protected] ... See MoreSee Less

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Douglas SoltysAsk all the things!

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Douglas Soltys

Roger ChabraAwesome!

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Roger Chabra

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This is my first time posting. I recently moved back from San Francisco (I worked for Salesforce) to start a nonprofit to teach tech to people of all ages (the kids love it). We're called Code Heroes. We're located in Cornwall, Ontario and we are gaining a lot of traction here. My ask is that are there any companies who would be willing to travel here to talk about their careers in tech? We're hosting a hackathon on August 17th/18th at St. Lawrence College and want to show the kids the possibilities of working in tech. They have had no exposure to this world and I'm seeing a lot of potential in some of these kids who could use some amazing role models. Feel free to email me as well: [email protected] Thanks! ... See MoreSee Less

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Mike ShaverIf I can make the scheduling work, I'd love to.

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Mike Shaver

Eden RohatenskyHey! I'm an independent contractor but I have a pretty dope life imo and might have some things to say!

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Eden Rohatensky

Eric BergeronCornwall represent! :) I thought I was the only one in this group.

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Eric Bergeron

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