I'm looking for software to help automate user on-boarding. Our on-boarding is complicated so I want to be able to include a combination of activities. Ideally something that can track a user's progress along a series of pre-defined steps (e.g. watch this video, fill out this web form, watch another video, complete this configuration step, etc.) Suggestions? ... See MoreSee Less

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Preet Arjun SinghRohan's startup is working on solving this problem I guess! - Qrtrmstr

14 hours ago   ·  1

Rohan NairHaha thanks Preet. Hi Shaun, we're totally doing that! I'll send you my email in a PM. CC: Rahman Kanani

14 hours ago

Kamil RextinThere's some libraries that you can use I think... Can't remember them off the top of my head

13 hours ago

John James ZupancicNot sure if Intro.js is powerful enough but I know some startups that have used it.

13 hours ago   ·  1
John James Zupancic

Daniel RobertsYou should consider They are the best user communication and onboarding tool I have used.

12 hours ago
Daniel Roberts

Bijan VaezFor strictly onboarding you can use but we're giving a spin as well to track a lot of those metrics during the process

12 hours ago
Bijan Vaez

Alastair +

3 hours ago
Alastair Jarvis

Wes WilsonI found kissmetrics really super easy to setup to track funnels and progression steps... because their interface is mad easy to do and/or metrics

2 hours ago
Wes Wilson

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Curious to hear different perspectives on founding narrative and the need to remain stealth.

Where do you draw the line between iterative alpha/beta/production launches vs launching out of stealth?
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You're invited to Canada's largest virtual hackathon again this October. No charge for startups with less than 10 ppl. ... See MoreSee Less

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Okay folks, how many of you have gotten the Google Cloud chromebook pitch? We got the package below, I'm guessing a bunch of you did, too. It's not a new trick, give people a thing to make their reciprocity circuits light up and give you something back. Gimmicky, sure, but I'm sure Google knows their cost of acquisition very well.

The gimmick in this case, though, is a chromebook that is almost certainly underpowered relative to what your teams are using at work, and yet would be transformative for folks who don't have a machine of their own. We pinged Melissa Sariffodeen and she confirmed that Ladies Learning Code can definitely use them.

If you have one of these things sitting around, too, can I suggest you consider sending it their way? If it's easier, drop it off at the Hubba offices and Ben Zifkin or I will sort out hand off.
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Janelle HindsWhat exactly is gimmicky about it?

2 days ago   ·  1

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Janelle Hinds

Ryan MarrInteresting timing for this post. They've been down all morning.

2 days ago   ·  2
Ryan Marr

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