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Varun Mathur shared a link to the group: StartupNorth.

This is a brilliant presentation (with plenty of screenshots) about tech in Chinese society and how that nation of 656 million smartphone users is leapfrogging the West across multiple tech categories and infact setting the trends for us for the years ahead.

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In China, a country that leapfrogged the PC era to go mobile-first, the smartphone is the "remote control" of people's lives... especially given the…

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Sarah SeitzAnd not just tech categories...

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Hey crew, just passing this along to fellow canadian startups... The Canadian Technology Accelerator in Boston [email protected] is looking for its new Fall startup cohort. You should reach [email protected] to know more or apply. I don't work for them, just know people who do and passing it along. ... See MoreSee Less

Does anybody know any angels in the hardware space who also know architecture and design? I'm a founder at North of Modern - a consumer product design/tech startup - and we are interested in starting a conversation with such partners. ... See MoreSee Less

Danielle LovellBoris might

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Danielle Lovell

Miraj KhaledKatherine Hague might be a good bet. also chekout her previous co. PCH International - which is a powerhouse re: hardware design/manufacturing supply-chain solution on a global scale.

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Miraj Khaled

Eric MartinHi Miraj Khaled, thanks for your response. I agree with you on Katherine Hague. I have been in contact with her before, but didn't realize how much of a rarity she is in the hardware space!

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Eric Martin

Prem KalevarPatrick Martinson and Myself (less so)

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