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A friend of mine is smart, driven and has a bachelors in poli sci and is just about to pass the bar. He has an interest in working at a startup tho not necessarily as a lawyer.

Where should I tell him to go looking for job postings?
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Danielle SmithI've heard folks have good luck w/ Check out the job boards at the DMZ, OneEleven and MaRS too

8 hours ago   ·  1
Danielle Smith

Boris MannSeriously people? I believe you meant to link this -- Also: that's nice that your friend wants to work for a "startup". He's going to have to fit into a role of some kind. Like, writing content for a blog, or maybe an account manager, or see if he wants to do sales. Startups don't typically have in house legal until they are very large / no longer a startup. Good luck!

8 hours ago   ·  3

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Boris Mann

Sean Fahey20 times more chances of getting hired if you are referred into an organization. I would go to tech meetups and network.

8 hours ago   ·  2
Sean Fahey

Steven PulverHappy to speak to your friend. I'm at Caravel Law (formerly Cognition). Though we're a law firm, we do a ton in the startup space if he's looking to stay in law but in a wildly different capacity.

7 hours ago   ·  4

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Steven Pulver

Ian KingBusiness development for an enterprise SaaS startup past seed round would be best for him - probably has too much law debt to accept pre-seed compensation

7 hours ago   ·  1
Ian King

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