Ben Zifkin talking about the Canadian startup ecosystem.
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Hey SN Community - I was put into contact with two entrepreneurs who have done significant revenue over the last 12 months, but have been denied their US Visa Applications (Russian citizens, applying for H1B/L1 visas).

They need to be able to continue their operations ASAP. They would like to setup in Canada and get on the path to Canadian Permanent Residency. Anyone have recommendations on potential immigration lawyers / consultants who can assist?

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Jonas BrandonJoseph Young is my strong reco

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Cassie RuggieroSent you a message Ameet!

4 hours ago   ·  1

Ben ZlotnickYou might want to get in touch with Sunil Sharma who is now the head of CABI. They are heavily involved in the revised start up visa.

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Kyle TrattnerBrenda Wong handled the successful PR process for two of my employees. She's on maternity leave for another few weeks. Caroline in interim.

4 hours ago   ·  1
Kyle Trattner

Jaxson KhanDanielle Lovell

3 hours ago   ·  2
Jaxson Khan

Holly KnowlmanI worked with when I got my Canadian PR.

3 hours ago   ·  1
Holly Knowlman

Jennifer BouyoukosSteven Green at Green and Spiegel.

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Jennifer Bouyoukos

Sean Power+1 Danielle Lovell

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Sean Power

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Hey Startup North Toronto - a space is coming up in our building (20 Maud Street, near Adelaide and Portland) and we would love for it to be taken over by someone in the community. It's ~985 sq/ft and runs at ~$3100/month until June, at which point a new lease can be negotiated with the landlord. We've been here since 2011 and love it. As a bonus, there's a brand new Breather space in the building.

If you're interested, feel free to drop me an email at ameet @ goldenvp and I will connect you with the current tenants and/or building landlord.
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John StokesI can't help but like anything with a Breather in it !

13 hours ago
John Stokes

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Techvibes is hosting the Canadian Startup Awards at Steam Whistle Brewing on March 2nd. If you're in Toronto and want to attend the after-party, use promo code 'StartupNorth' to get 50% off your ticket which includes two drinks, plenty of food, and top-notch networking opportunities with the evening’s finalists and winners. ... See MoreSee Less

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Chris SnoyerWish I could make it - should be a fun night!

18 hours ago
Chris Snoyer

Harley FinkelsteinLooking fwd to being there 🇨🇦🔥🚀

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Harley Finkelstein

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Hey folks - I'm working with a group that's preparing a brief on CRA treatment of options during an exit...CRA is using their own, overly aggressive valuations, to deny option-holders from using the stock option deduction...effectively doubling the tax bill. This disproportionately penalizes the earliest employees. If you know someone impacted by this, who would be interested in contributing to the brief please send them my way ... See MoreSee Less

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Charles MireSo despite agreed upon valuation during an exit between the startup and acquirer, the CRA is simply making up a new, higher number? I would love to know where I can read/learn more about this.

1 day ago

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Varun MathurFor those curious on what the heck is this -- see this chart I made. See where Canada is - with the 50% deduction. And then see where the US is. We are behind - and I couldn't trace any bill/rule someone is working on here to fix that gap. What this tells me is - a Canadian startup which goes on to raise sufficient funding so that when it is no longer a "Canadian controlled private corp", it would have a tough time attracting international quality talent to Canada because its employees would get taxed when the options are exercised, compared to the US where it will be after the event of shares being sold. In other words, options won't be as lucrative a tool to recruit. What we can hope for is the Trump-effect, where people choose us regardless of this, you know, money on the table. Per Joseph Fung's note above, he is pointing to even that 50% deduction being hard to get. Further context would be great. But we are already competitively behind the US on this when it comes to legislation.

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Varun Mathur

Carol LeamanLet me know what I can do to help Joseph.

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Carol Leaman

Yoseph WestJust sent you a message.

1 day ago

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Yoseph West

Stephen LakeOne rumour is that the capital gains reduction of 50% may be changed for the worse in the upcoming budget, possibly to make 2/3 or 3/4 of the proceeds taxable, instead of 1/2 - which would make Canada uncompetitive with the US (we are already very low in OECD - as some countries have zero tax on capital gains) - which would be bad for early employees, investors and founders alike.

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Stephen Lake

Alex LeynI am in to help as needed, Joseph Fung.

5 hours ago
Alex Leyn

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