Question - what are some paid monthly "info products" or newsletter you subscribe to?

If you know of any other popular ones you don't subscribe to, please do share.

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Does anyone here have ideas on how to structure "revenue model" slide on the pitch deck? Should we show our current SAAS price plans and some sort of breakdown? Or am I completely missing the point of this slide? ... See MoreSee Less

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Austin HillYou can, you can also show business model & some details about key metrics that drive revenue like margins, CAC, LTV, COA and show them now and going forward next 2yrs to 3yrs how you expect them to change (I.e. current margins are X, but net margins 2 years from now are expected to be Y because COA has gone down By Z% due to viral growth factor of K when our user numbers hit B .... this shows not only pricing but going forward biz model assumptions

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Austin Hill

Frank LuengoMake sure you have backup research and logic for each assumption. Maybe an appendix just in case. Disclaimer: I've done these for value investing pitches, not tech startups, but assumptions become the fly in the ointment if not fully thought through.

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Frank Luengo

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Hi everyone! I teach youth in rural Eastern Ontario how to code and I have a super talented young 13 year old boy who is looking to participate in a Take a Kid to work day on November 1st. He would love to see the inside of a dev shop in Ottawa or Montreal. Would anyone have any recommendations as to where would be an awesome place for him to go? Really appreciate it! ... See MoreSee Less

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Lianne MarieDan Jacob or Jared Tessis know of anyone?

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Lianne Marie

Varun MathurSatish Kanwar Could somebody like Kelly Bergeron organize group tours and bring multiple kids for a brief tour of a Shopify office (with appropriate parental permission+supervision for the trip) -- I think instead of seeing a few folks in "a" local dev shop sitting on their computers coding away, the more awesome experience would be the inside of the most fantastic Shopify office there is for these kids... how do you inspire "wonder" ...Food for thought :)

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Varun Mathur

Ameet ShahNavid Nathoo 👆🏽

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