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Does anyone have a great email marketing consultant they could recommend?

I need advice on email deliverability. As context, we send a weekly email to a list of 6,000 or so contacts each week on behalf of our customers. We use Mail Gun (from RackSpace) and have had a pretty consistent deliverability rating for the last year. Then all of a sudden, two weeks ago, our deliverability fell off a cliff. It appears we have been blocked for some reason even though our unsubscribe rate is low. All of us here are stumped and when we talk to Mail Gun, they say everything appears to be set up correctly.

We obviously need to figure out a) what went wrong and b) how we structure things to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Do you know anyone we could hire on a contract basis to help us out?
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Allison BarbaraCorey Brandon I was hoping to reach out and see if you have anyone you would recommend.

4 hours ago
Allison Barbara

Ahmed SagarwalaHi Allison, DM me and add me to your email list. I'll be able to run some traces and determine why this is happening.

4 hours ago   ·  1
Ahmed Sagarwala

Ian Nichol[email protected]

4 hours ago   ·  2
Ian Nichol

Alison Livey GibbinsI sent you a DM with some suggestions

4 hours ago   ·  1
Alison Livey Gibbins

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According to Facebook, it's been a year since Trudeau won the election and the Globe published this letter congratulating him and asking for his support of the entrepreneurial community. How is he doing so far?

One positive is that his government backed off the stock option taxation plan after hearing out the startup community. Other examples, positive or negative?
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Matt RobertsI'd give credit to Navdeep Bains for reaching out to the community and getting feedback before any major policy decisions. I think its still early innings on what we'll see come down the pipe.

1 day ago   ·  3

Haseeb AwanLiberal government have presented Canada as a great brand. After what's going on across the border, Canada is a great candidate to attract international talent and capital.

1 day ago   ·  6

Ben ZifkinHappy to give credit to being malleable enough to back off of policy because of feedback but the stock option thing always annoyed me. You don't get a gold star for coming up with a bad idea and then look like a hero when you don't enact it. It took a lot of unnecessary energy - and likely future bargaining leverage - from a bunch of people in this community to get them to change it. (Thanks to all of you who took on that fight on our behalf) That was a just a side rant on one topic. On a whole, I think we are very lucky that this government is paying attention and genuinely caring on how to make things better. Very appreciative of that. It will drive us even more forward as the best country in the world to live and start a technology company.

1 day ago   ·  3

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Ben Zifkin

Sol OrwellUnfortunately only "tech" under is for clean tech.

1 day ago
Sol Orwell

Chris PlunkettThere seems to be movement on the high-skilled immigration front. The devil will be in the details, but the advisory panel came out with positive recommendations today:

22 hours ago   ·  1
Chris Plunkett

Zack FischMore on a provincial level but Liberal nonetheless, pushing forward of the HTF funding, $20m over 5 years to support health technology innovation in the province. Major grants for earlier stage companies that has potential to make a huge impact ($500k per award for each 2yr project).

16 hours ago
Zack Fisch

Fabian BoehmComing from the Berlin startup scene and having worked closely with the German Startup Association for a few years to strengthen German and Canadian startup ecosystem ties, I can add to this that the very fact that Trudeau has been elected has raised a lot of positive awareness for Canada and has led to also startups to look more closely at this country that was often overshadowed by "the valley". My business is focused on Canadian and German companies and I have seen an increase in interested ever since the election: That being said, the recent trade deal negotiations have not been super helpful to the transatlantic relationship.

12 hours ago
Fabian Boehm

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