If you're an employer who's planning to pay for the training of new or current staff in the coming months you may want to take advantage of the Canada-Ontario Job Grant, which would refund you 2/3 to 5/6 of your training costs up to $10,000 per employee.

I manage this grant program at The Career Foundation and am happy to answer any questions.

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John Philip GreenGovernment programs... some onerous application process to distract us from building businesses?

16 minutes ago

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John Philip Green

Andrei ArkhanguelskiThumbs up! It's a great program that every employer should be aware of. We're taking advantage of it and I couldn't recommend it highly enough. It's a great way to enable your employees to upgrade their skills by taking a course at a university, college or a third party training provider, such as BrainStation, Lighthouse Labs, or Bitmaker. Online courses on sites like Udemy may be acceptable if there is not a training provider in Ontario that might offer a similar course including universities, colleges or a third party training provider.

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Andrei Arkhanguelski

Venk ChandranI am a previous recipient of this grant.. Or whatever this initiative was called a decade ago. It helped me get a job after the startup I was at died in the dot com bust. And it helped me get back into tech. It's not just important for employers but prospective employees who want that first step but have a hard time getting experience. Use this to educate potential employers as I did.

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Venk Chandran

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May 25, 2016, 10:00pm

Home of the Brave

Free beer and an opportunity to meet the founder of Toronto's newest unicorn! Sponsored by Sorry

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