What’s happening at Volta?

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Things are in full swing at Volta in Halifax. We just had our opening party and announced our new in-house $50m venture fund.

Here is what is coming up in the next few weeks:

We have a new company at Volta: ModestTree

The Modest Tree Suite of eLearning software represents a revolutionary method of creating 3D interactive courseware that will significantly reduce the amount of time and cost to create quality, interactive 3D training.

The suite of authoring tools provided by Modest Tree can be used directly by experts across many different fields to produce realistic simulations and walk-throughs of complex procedures and tasks, greatly simplifying the process of creating interactive lessons for training.

Bits of Knowledge: Scaling

Join us for lunch (sandwiches and pop provided) and over 30 minutes learn
what it takes to successfully scale a web service and what to think about
when you are building a product that needs to scale quickly.If you plan to
attend, please register at:
Who is giving a talk on this: Tim Chipman 
When is it: 4th of June 2013 from 12PM to 12:45 PM

CTO Peer 2 Peer Meetup

Tech CTOs from start-up to mid sized companies come together to
talk frankly about common issues. Topics include how to manage
growth, evaluate technologies, best implementation practices,
how retain and motivate technical talent etc. Moderated by
GoInstant CTO Gavin Uhma
Who: CTO’s and Lead Developers
When: 6 June 2013 from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM
Where: Volta Event space

Lunch and Learn: Git

Today, developers everywhere are migrating in droves to the
exciting Git platform. Users reference its blistering
performance, usage flexibility, offline capabilities, and
collaboration features as their motivation for switching from
Subversion and CVS. Let’s get started with Git. You’ll be using
it like a master in no time at all.
When: 11th of June from Noon to 1 PM
Where: Volta Event Space
Who: Volta Network Members interested to
learn more about Git and best repo management practices

Marketing Peer 2 Peer Meetup

Share ideas and best practices or partake in roundtable discussions
on topics of relevance such as branding, advertising, promotions,
publications, metrics, social media and public relations and hot
issues for a rapidly evolving global tech startup. Moderated by
TitanFile’s Greg Poirier (ex. Radian6, Empire Theaters..)
When: 13th of June at 5 PM
Where: McInessCooper Boardroom
Who: Marketing execs, Metrics zealots and
lean startup practitioners looking to get the most out of their
marketing buck.
Moderator: Greg Poirier

Design Peer 2 Peer Meetup

Come together to learn about best practices in product and web design
and to discuss current trends as well as disect and analyze each
other’s design work. Moderated by 26ones Brian
JeffcockWho: Designers and geeks interested in design,
visual identity & typography. Where: Volta
Event space When: 19th of June 5 PM to 6 PM

LSTS (Learn Something, Teach Something)

Take 5 minutes to teach others something from your experience (results
of a split test, good design pattern, a neat trick) or share a short
educational story. If you have something to share (and I hope you will)
send the summary in the following format to [email protected] (or just reply to this
email).Name: (eg. Patrick Hankison) Topic: (eg. “What not to do in A/B
testing”) Have slides: (eg. No)Slides are optional.
When is it: 22nd of June 2013 from
to 6 PM

Ladies Learning Code: Introduction to Python

Python is a great language for beginners. Its beautiful and
clean-looking syntax means you’ll spend less time being confused (it
looks sort of like English!), and more time understanding and applying
the fundamentals of programming. Plus, even as a beginner, you can do
fun things with Python, like make games and draw shapes!
In this Introduction to Python workshop, you will create an app that
sells tickets, a “Guess the Number” game (Price is Right, anyone?) and
as part of your final project, you’ll re-create the schoolyard classic,
Where: Volta Event space When: 22nd of June
 from 10
 to 5 PM

More details and tickets at:


Introhive is looking for a San Francisco based BD pro and a Halifax
based inside sales person. Know anyone?  

Build launches in Atlantic Canada

Wall art on the Build Ventures/Volta wall

Patrick Keefe is announcing his new fund today called Build Ventures, a $50m early and mid stage fund based in Halifax.

The guy is a Harvard MBA, an Oxford grad, former Atlas Ventures principal, Boston Consulting Group executive and he built over a dozen Starbucks coffee franchises which he then sold back to Starbucks corporate. When you meet Patrick and dig in to his background you start wonder where the hell this guy came from.

What’s even better is that Build is the in-house fund at Volta, a new startup crash pad in Halifax that currently houses 10 startups. The fund has taken up residence at Volta and has been a key part of getting it started.

The fund has just launched so it hasn’t announced any investments yet, but we are excited to see which deals they do first.

Volta and Build are two big leaps for the startup community in Atlantic Canada and when you consider it alongside what has been happening in New Brunswick with Launch36 and Startup Week, as well as a recent string of big exits, it seems like things are accelerating incredibly quickly.

The next major event is the Atlantic Venture Forum in June which is being keynoted by Paul Singh.