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StartupEmpire – Student & Startup Tickets

startupempireIt’s time for startups to buckle down and really understand their expenses. We thought we’d make it a little easier for startups and students to participate in StartupEmpire.

One thing about a downturn is that it’s not about eliminating spending, it’s about managing cash flows and making every dollar go as far as possible. We are working on putting together the best hands on workshops that will help entrepreneurs go from idea through to customer acquisition and sales – from legal issues to merger and acquisition issues. The goal is to provide valuable and pragmatic advice from real entrepreneurs, funders and service providers. Advice and examples that can help inspire you and hopefully save you the time and effort later.

Students and startups are the reason we are hosting StartupEmpire. We want to encourage your participation. To help we’ve created a Student Volunteer program. Twenty students will get a complimentary ticket to StartupEmpire in exchange for volunteering and helping with the tasks that make  a conference run smoothly.

We understand that students and startups are cash strapped. Our goal is been to provide an event that facilitates an opportunity to learn about the mechanics of starting up in Canada; and to facilitate connections between a community of entrepreneurs and funders.

To this end and with the help of our sponsors, we’ve also created a limited number of Student & Startup Tickets. These tickets are priced at $199/person. They are full tickets, i.e., there are no limitations. From Day 1, this has been about helping entrepreneurs and startups in Canada.

Student Tickets

Are you registered full-time in an academic program? High-school, college or university? Then come on down. You might want to consider the student volunteer program. However, if you want to guarrantee your spot at StartupEmpire, purchase a Student Ticket. If you’re selected as a Student Volunteer we’ll obviously refund your fee.

Startup Tickets

Who is a startup? We tried to describe a bunch of parameters: privately held; incorporated less than 5 years; less than $5M/year in revenue; less than 5 employees. We just couldn’t figure out a good set of objective criteria to describe startups.

So, the definition of a startup is kind of like pornography, I’m not sure I could describe it, but I know it when I see it.

We will let you self-select, although, we hold the ultimate decision on whether you qualify for the startup ticket discount. We are looking for entrepreneurs and startups. You’ve got an idea. You’re building a product.  We’ll let you determine if you think you are a startup.

If you’ve already purchased a ticket, and you think you qualify as a student or a startup, don’t worry. I’ll be going through the list of participants this weekend and contacting you individually.

I would like to thank our Leadership sponsors, Microsoft and HighRoad Communications.

We are also pleased to announce our champion sponsors,

Ontario Centers of Excellence, Gowlings
and JLA Ventures.

Visit for more information on the conference and to register.