Public Relations - I have been finding more and more duds with PR firms in Toronto. I'm sure many of you have found the same. Who here knows the best people (contractors, firms, agencies) to help startups in T.O? ... See MoreSee Less

Lee DaleAre you talking tech specifically or other industries? Have you connected with Corey Herscu at Herscu & Goldsilver?

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Lee Dale

Lee DaleAlso, the person I know who's most connected in this group on the PR side is Elena Yunusov. Talk to her.

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Lee Dale

David CrowA chunk of the time I find it is companies with shitty stories and unrealistic expectations/timelines/budget. You can continue to the the nonsense of "look at how awesome we are crap" that people post in this group. The sham and not-so-subtle advertorial stories that are designed not to engage but are poor shilly ways of thinking people will just be wowed and buy their crap. Anyway, I digress, maybe it's the Black Friday spam. There are a number of good PR folks. Jodi Echakowitz Elena Yunusov Corey Herscu Renée Warren also check out the "One post to rule them all" that has other PR firms and journalists. Learn to tell a compelling story. Targeting the right audience. Understand what are realistic timelines (>6 months), expectations, budgets and outcomes. Then having a very clear definition of your intended audience, i.e., who are you trying to get in front of, and why would they care about your product/service/offering? How do you compete for their attention? Is it based on value? Is it based on trust? How much are you paying? Realizing real PR professionals won't do this on performance based pay? This is hard work and you're paying for advice and access to their trust network. Good starting points: * * *

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David Crow

Lee DaleDavid Crow That's worthy of a blog post. Nice.

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Lee Dale

Thomas RankinWhy do they have to be in Toronto?

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Thomas Rankin

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Some tips on creating a better pitch ... See MoreSee Less

I have an idea I'm brewing and would love to connect with someone who is potentially looking to work on this project with me and has experience in the accelerator, incubator or coworking space. I'm part of a few other networks but thought I'd throw this out here also.

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Satish Kanwar shared Shopify's Business in a Backpack to the group: StartupNorth.

Here's something cool the team at Shopify has been working on. Give the gift of entrepreneurship this season!
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Satish KanwarLink to the full store:

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Satish Kanwar

Ria Luptonso awesome!!!!!

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Ria Lupton

Erin BuryThis is SO smart. Love it!

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Erin Bury

Kayla Hollandbrilliant

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Kayla Holland

Emma J LogueOMG - that's awesome!

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Emma J Logue

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